What the heck is Caps Lock?

Funny. Ugly. Human.

These are the kinds of plays we do. We like plays where people are at both their worst and their best; where people screw each other–or themselves–over, and have to find a way to deal with it; where people’s hearts hurt, or open, or blossom.

We also believe in fun. Our plays will probably make you laugh. Probably more than once.

And we believe in creating art by whatever means necessary. If we are fortunate enough to piece together enough resources for lavish sets and fabulous special effects, awesome. If (more likely) we have to make work on a shoestring budget, on-the-fly, in an unconventional location, then we’ll do that and still knock your socks off.

Oh yeah, and we’re New York-based.

“Caps Lock? Does that mean your plays are just a bunch of people yelling?”

Definitely not! We’d all need earplugs if that were the case. While the characters in our plays certainly might raise their voices every now and then, we enjoy watching big feelings expressed in small ways. Kind of like typing in all caps in 12-point font.

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Caps Lock is run by Mariah MacCarthy and Leta Tremblay. More on them here.