Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion (2015)

Caps Lock Theatre presents:

Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion

An immersive party play
Written by Mariah MacCarthy
in collaboration with Trent Anderson, Lindsey Austen, J. Stephen Brantley, Scott Rad Brown, Brian Dunlop, Jesse Geguzis, Lauren Hennessy, Adam La Faci, Nicki Miller, Christopher Norwood, Diana Oh, Elizabeth Seldin, Gwenevere Sisco, Jordan Tierney, and Leta Tremblay

Directed by Leta Tremblay

Performances January 15 – February 1, 2015, Thursdays – Sundays at 8pm

Sweet and boisterous…The show can’t boast the square footage or the design budget or the top-shelf liquor of an extravaganza like “Sleep No More,” but “Mrs. Mayfield’s” still feels like an adventure and an event. “This party was a lovely thought,” one character says, “if vastly misguided and incredibly inappropriate.” And a lot of fun, too.
The New York Times


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Mrs. Mayfield's Fifth-Grade Class of '93 20-Year Reunion

Mariah MacCarthy (Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award,’s 2012 “Person of the Year”) reunites with director Leta Tremblay (The Foreplay Play) on their site-specific hit Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion, this time set in an East Village apartment. Mrs. Mayfield is a rollicking yet compassionate multi-layered look at what happens when a group of former classmates hovering in their 30s reunite for an evening of partying and reminiscing. Immersively staged and intimately drawn, audience party-goers eat chili and drink beer as calamities, revelations, and battles for affection, power and ownership of memories unfold around them. Awesome 90s music and dance breaks included.

Mrs. Mayfield features Lindsey Austen, Brian Dunlop, Jesse Geguzis, Lauren Hennessy (FringeNYC Outstanding Excellence in Performance Award for Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story), Adam La Faci, Christopher Norwood*, Diana Oh (2013 “Person of the Year”), Gwenevere Sisco and Jordan Tierney.

Mrs. Mayfield is written by Mariah MacCarthy in collaboration with the original cast and Leta Tremblay; directed by Leta Tremblay; associate directed by Trent Anderson, stage managed by Kacey Stamats; produced by Caps Lock Theatre; costumes by Orli Nativ.

More Press for Mrs. Mayfield:

“This is immersive theater at its best so don’t pass up an opportunity to sample it.”
Frequent Business Traveler

“MacCarthy [has an] incredible knack for filling the text with the absurd, the dark, the honest, and the simply realistic…Many kudos to director Leta Tremblay for building the world so cleanly and clearly, allowing the scenes to flow so neatly over each other, filled with such specificity and nuance that the journey remains clear from the outside, but riddled with great gems for those daring enough to get close.

There is much more I could say, about how incredible (and incredibly dedicated) each performer is with the specificity of their character (the strange and welcoming sensitivity of Adam La Faci’s Jason, the simple hidden vulnerability of Jordan Tierney’s Joey, the emotional turns Diana Oh can make so quickly and utterly natural as our host Amanda, the wonderful honesty of Lauren Hennessy as Crystal, Jesse Geguzis’ joyfully odd Jamie, and all the other performers and characters I didn’t get nearly enough of an opportunity to get to know at the party), or about any other amazing aspect of the show. But ultimately, the point is, this brilliant ensemble has crafted one of the more interesting, and certainly the most moving of house parties that I have ever been to.”
ny theater now

Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion is like Sleep No More, only funny! And with witty dialogue! Part play, part party, and all a boat load of date night fun!”
One of Used York City’s top 5 date nights!

“The acting in Mrs. Mayfield’s… is charismatic and alive. The scenes are played with an honesty and urgency that make them feel like improvisation – this is a testament to Mariah MacCarthy’s sensitive writing, and to her close collaboration with the ensemble…I left Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion feeling privileged to have witnessed the classmates’ messy catharses. The play sheds a unique light on the pains of growing older and reconciling childhood wounds, and it is a pleasure to see these characters begin to heal.”
New York Theatre Review

“I really can’t recommend this play enough — and at $18 it’s an absolute bargain — as it will likely be a highlight of your theatrical year.”
Theatre Is Easy

“One of the most fun theatre experiences I’ve ever had.”
Exeunt Magazine

“It raised the bar for what theatre can be.”
Show Business Weekly

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Mrs. Mayfield, presented by Caps Lock Theatre, plays at an undisclosed location in the East Village, off the N/R train 8th Street stop, 6 train Astor Place stop, L train 1st Avenue stop, and F train 2nd Avenue stop. Audience members will receive the location upon reserving tickets.

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