Pussyfest Redux (2013)

PUSSYFEST is two evenings of staged, script-in-hand presentations of monologues custom-written for 41 amazeballs female-bodied/identifying performers, as well as a fundraiser for our production of Sarah Shaefer’s The Gin Baby. All these pieces deal, in one way or another, with the body.

February 9:

David Lawson writes for Becky Byers
Sarah Shaefer writes for Hanna Cheek
Maya Macdonald writes for Louiza Collins
Zoe Geltman writes for Susan Ferrara
Alexis Clements writes for Kim Gainer
Jona Tarlin writes for Zoe Geltman
Cecilia Copeland writes for Ana Grosse
Yeauxlanda Kay writes for Lauren Hennessy
Libby Emmons writes for Homa Hynes
Daniel Talbott writes for Sarah E. Jacobs
Zack Calhoon writes for Sheila Joon
James Comtois writes for Jocelyn Kuritsky
Louise Schwarz writes for Catherine LeFrere
Jenny Lane writes for Laura Ramadei
August Schulenburg writes for Elizabeth Seldin
Mariah MacCarthy writes for Chet Siegel
J. Julian Christopher writes for Diana Stahl
Nat Cassidy writes for Sarah Todes
Kari Bentley-Quinn writes for Anna Van Valin
Cynthia Flowers writes for Miranda Wilson

Directed by Nic Grelli, Leta Tremblay, Nicole A. Watson, and Jordana Williams
Music by Diana Oh Is GOING ROGUE and Reema Zaman

February 10:

Kim Davies writes for Lindsey Austen
Elizabeth Seldin writes for Virginia Baeta
Rob Askins writes for Dana Berger
Mac Rogers writes for Becca Blackwell
J. Stephen Brantley writes for Leah Dietrich
Josh Conkel writes for Yeauxlanda Kay
Marisel Polanco writes for Sarah Lemp
Leah Nanako Winkler writes for Parker Leventer
Brandon Marianne Lee writes for Joey Liao
Susan Ferrara writes for Sevrin Anne Mason
Christine J. Schmidt writes for Sarah Matteucci
Judith Leora writes for Allyson Morgan
Lucy Gillespie writes for Romy Nordlinger
Diana Stahl writes for Diana Oh
Nicole Pandolfo writes for Briana Packen
Fernanda Coppel writes for Stacey Raymond
Tatiana Suarez-Pico writes for Emily Rupp
Micheline Auger writes for Sarah Shaefer
Emily Bohannon writes for Samantha Soule
Daniel McCoy writes for Alexis Thomason
Ruben Carbajal writes for Kristen Vaughan

Directed by Heather Cohn, Sherri Kronfeld, Kyle Metzger, and Christina Roussos
Music by Jody Christopherson and the Vagina Choir

All performances at:

Joria Studios.
260 West 36th Street, 3rd floor.
February 9 & 10, 8pm

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