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We are stoked to be presenting PUSSYFEST III: The Reckoning, coming to a Judson Memorial Church Gym near you on November 2, 3, and 10. That’s right, PUSSYFEST is expanding to THREE nights this year, y’all!

PUSSYFEST, in case you didn’t know, is our annual fundraising event where playwrights are paired together with actresses and write a custom-made monologue about the body for that performer. This year we have 137, yes, one hundred and thirty-seven artists involved so far! This year…

Alden Moore writes for Sydney Mei Ruf-Wong
Alex Borinsky writes for Priti Trivedi
Amina Henry writes for Jenny Gomez
Catya McMullen writes for Heather Lee Rogers
Charlotte Miller writes for Brandi Bravo
Chiara Atik writes for Mariana Newhard
Chisa Hutchinson writes for Colleen O’Connor
Chris Sullivan writes for Jennifer Harder
Christopher Gabriel Nunez writes for Holly Chou
Clare Barron writes for Kim Gainer*
Clay McLeod Chapman writes for Hanna Cheek*
Daniel John Kelley writes for Yeauxlanda Kay*
Don Nguyen writes for Eboni Booth
Duncan Pflaster writes for Emily Daly*
Emily Peters writes for Christianne Greiert*
Enrique Urueta writes for Rachel Yong
Eric Dufault writes for Lindsay Melin Torrey*
Gina Femia writes for Michelle Concha
Isaac Rathbone writes for Lilli Stein*
J. Stephen Brantley writes for Homa Hynes
Jean Marie Keevins writes for Moira Stone*
Jen Browne writes for Stacey Raymond*
Jeremy Wine writes for Briana Packen*
Jesse Geguzis writes for Hannah Vaughn
Johnna Adams writes for Shyko Amos*
Jose Rivera writes for Heather Robb
Joshua Bastian Cole writes for Anna Rahn
Kari Bentley-Quinn writes for Raychel Wagner
Kathleen Warnock writes for Kelley Rae O’Donnell*
Kevin R. Free writes for Gwen Sisco
Kim Yaged writes for Sarah Matteucci
Krista Knight writes for Stephanie Willing
Kristine Reyes writes for Sara Thigpen*
Laura Hirschberg writes for Diana Stahl
Leah Nanako Winkler writes for Jennifer Gordon Thomas
Lisa Huberman writes for Cristina Pitter
Lucy Gillespie writes for Catherine LeFrere*
Lucy Teitler writes for Laura Ramadei
Mac Rogers writes for Cathy Curtin*
Maggie-Kate Coleman writes for Alisha Spielmann*
Martyna Majok writes for Jody Christopherson*
Melissa Gordon writes for Shannon Marie Sullivan*
Mike Daisey writes for Dominique Fishback
Mila Golubov writes for Samantha Fairfield Walsh
Nat Cassidy writes for Anita Holland
Natalie Wilson writes for Susan Louise O’Connor*
Natalie Zutter writes for Amelia Campbell Arkin*
Neil Levi writes for Hye Yun Park
Nick Leavens writes for Megan Hill*
Pia Wilson writes for Leah Dietrich
Sarah Bernstein writes for Kathleen Littlefield
Sarah Todes writes for Layla Khoshnoudi
Sheila Callaghan writes for Rivka Borek*
Tabia Lau writes for Starr Kirkland
Tim Duncheon writes for Turna Mete*
Tim Errickson writes for Kara Young
Tinka Jonakova writes for Kana Hatakeyama
Tyler Rivenbark writes for Becky Byers*
Winter Miller writes for Katelyn Collins
Zhu Yi writes for Louise Flory

Directed by:

Aimee Todoroff
Anna Strasser
Christopher Diercksen
Courtney Ulrich
Jaki Bradley
Jill DeArmon
Kelly O’Donnell
Kyle Metzger
Leta Tremblay
Lillian Meredith
Liz Carlson
Megan Weaver
Michael Padden
Molly Marinik
Tasha Gordon-Solmon

Musical Guests:

Diana Oh Is GOING ROGUE, Melissa Lusk, and more to be announced!

Tickets go on sale soon, but in the meantime, if you’d like a free ticket to all three nights, you can join our Treehouse.

So why Pussyfest? Why now?

Everything that we raise during PUSSYFEST will go directly to support our upcoming production of a certain audience immersive play that many of you will remember from warmer spring days ….

The return of…

Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion!

January 15-31, 2015. Williamsburg. More info to follow.

To check out the last production we did of Mrs. Mayfield, go here.

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